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How to become a Ham Radio Operator

TACARS has compiled a Question Pool that is tailored for the Turks & Caicos Islands, with the appropriate rules and regulations.  The material was developed for proper understanding of the rules, international regulations, station operation, licencing, practices, emergency communications, antennas, propagation, theory and safety.  It has been created for study by potential operators and administration of exams by TACARS.

To become a Resident ham radio operator in the Turks and Caicos Islands, a prospective ham must study and be able to pass an exam given by a TACARS Examiner.  This can be done by studying the Question Pool and related materials that are available on line.  In addition, TACARS has worked with HamTestOnline to develop an on line study and testing program to train a prospective operator.

When a prospective operator is ready to take the exam they may contact an Officer of TACARS to schedule a testing session.

To use HamTestOnline to
Study the Turks & Caicos Islands Question Pool

For a free trial period (see web site for details):
Go to
Fill out the form and press REGISTER at the bottom of the page.
Select Turks & Caicos Islands Amateur Radio Exam
CHECK the top-level check box to enable all topics.
Click STUDY to begin your studies.
Best of luck with your study and exam!