During the 1970's there were nearly 100 radio amateur call signs in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Many of the people operating as VP5, were actually operating from outside of the Islands.  And those operating legitimately from the Turks & Caicos Islands were getting a very bad reputation for poor operating practices.  Also, there was other unlicensed maritime mobile calls and unauthorized third party traffic activity.

Shelia Laing, VP5SL and Robin Laing, VP5GT(SK) as well as Edmund Ewing, VP5EE got together and decided that since the Turks and Caicos government of the time looked on amateur radio licensing simply as a means to raise revenue and had no real interest in regulating the hobby, it was decided that it would be in everybody's interest to form a  Society to assist the Government in the way that things should be done.  After talking to other countries in the Caribbean area, and with the help of the FCC and the RSGB, a set of operating procedures and a simple set of rules were proposed to the TCI Government.  They were accepted in principle and with the help of Mrs. Ena Woodstock, the Magistrate, who held the licensing authority (at that time) the regulations were brought into force with an immediate improvement of behavior "on the air".

Since then, the Turks and Caicos Amateur Radio Society (TACARS) under the guidance of Edmund Ewing, Robin Laing(SK), Victor Eudoxie, Bob Cooper, Junior Cox, and now Fred Braithwaite, VP5FEB, has grown in strength but would have gotten nowhere without the hard work of the secretaries who actually make it work. Our thanks to Shelia Laing, Patti Cooper, and now more than ever Jody Millspaugh, VP5JM.

During 2003 and early 2004, new government legislation was written in cooperation with the Society and new regulations were adopted by the Ministry of Communications.  Among other things, in the regulations, TACARS was recognized as the organization to certify amateur radio operators to operate in the Turks & Caicos Islands.  Further to this, a new study and testing program for residents wanting to become licenced operators is available.

We look forward to having members, visitors and any licensed amateurs and short-wave listeners join our weekly Sunday "NET"  08:00 AM local EST/DST on 3.780 MHz.